Preparing a Property For Rental

Here's what it means to be rent-ready

We strive to provide quality rentals and keep our clients' properties well-maintained. Below are some items that we check whenever we turn over a property. Reach out to Brandon or Mark if any questions.


  • House is clean (appliances, cupboards, drawers, blinds, dusting, carpet cleaning)
  • Reasonable tenants won't feel the need to clean before moving in or unpacking
  • No personal belongings from prior residents remain


  • Yard is in well-kept condition
  • Yard is weed-free with functioning sprinklers
  • Smoke detector on each level and in each bedroom
  • Carbon monoxide detector on each level
  • Exterior locks are changed from prior resident (unless it was the owner), and are all matching keys
  • Water softener is full of salt
  • Air filter is no more than 3 months old
  • Exterior doors include sufficient weather stripping
  • Doorbell, if present, is functional
  • Lightbulbs are all functioning with no mis-matched light colors (warm vs cool) in a given area
  • Wall blemishes are patched, paint is in good condition
  • Whole house water shut-off is functioning and easy to operate
  • Local water shut-offs are functional and easy to operate (not stuck or leaking)
  • Towel and Toilet Paper holders are secured to the wall
  • Shower rods are in place
  • Sinks, tubs, & showers have fresh caulking
  • Drain systems are not clogged & can handle regular use
  • House systems, appliances, and features are functional, nothing is out of commission