Our Values

We empower investors to elevate life

Our Mission Statement

  1. We help real estate investors of single-family to small multi-family properties who are willing to maintain a quality property and are ready to trust us as a partner in managing their investment.
  2. We will help real estate investors manage their assets with a long-term perspective, providing a net positive value to every client while continually improving their portfolio.
  3. The change we want to make… help investors to see that property managers can be a trusted value-add resource who makes wise decisions while managing their investment.
  4. We will know we're successful when Kodiak is the most reputable property management company in our area, we have unmatched operational stability, and when our tenants and clients champion our company.

Meet Our Management Team

Partner with the leading property management team on the Wasatch Front and let us work tirelessly to help you to achieve your investment goals.